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Modifying a Report Format 

You may find it necessary to either add to, or change some of the information

listed when a Property Record Card is printed out, or when printing any of the

other existing Report Formats that are present within your installation of the

Univers program.  As mentioned earlier, all of the report formats listed within the

Report Generator screen are user-definable, in other words, they may be

modified as needed, or created new from scratch.   

If you are starting from scratch, and you need to produce a report that is quite

involved, displaying the contents of many factors or data “buckets” in the printout,

then the Report Generator may not be your best tool.  Under these

circumstances, it is highly recommended that you export the pertinent data items

in the form of a delimited file, and then import them into one of the more

commonly employed reporting tools such as Microsoft® Word®, Excel®, or

Access®.  These software packages are designed specifically for performing just

such tasks, whereas Univers is best employed as a referential database, and an

evaluation and assessment tool.  

However, if a minor modification to an existing format is all that’s needed, this

section will explain the necessary procedures. Let us use for an example a

Property Record Card report format; one which we find to be basically

acceptable, but it is desired to make a change to the way the name of the

jurisdiction is displayed in the “header,” or the text which appears at the top of the

page as a sort of “title bar.”  At the Univers main menu, click on the tab located

along the top edge labeled Reporting Menu.”  

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