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Move the cursor over with the right arrow [g] key so that the word “Modify” is

highlighted and hit the

[ENTER] key.  The words “Run    Modify   Quit” below the

screen should now disappear, and the cursor should flash a few times and stop

on the current value entered for the “Key number” field, as shown below:

.   Be sure it is set to “2  Parcel ID,” and then hit the [ENTER]  key again. 

Note:  Once you are within the search parameters area, if you enter a value into

any of the parameter fields, you should not use the arrow keys to move down to

the next line, or the new value you have just entered will be cancelled out and

replaced by the default value.  Instead, hit the [ENTER]  key repeatedly, until you

get to where you want to go.  There are certain instances where you may actually

want to take advantage of this phenomenon.  For example, deleting a long string

of numbers that you have entered in error by simply tapping the down arrow [i]

key once, and then tapping the up arrow [h]  key once, is much faster than

tapping the [Delete]  key 10 or 12 times to erase all of the unwanted characters.

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